APPLICATIO Training & Management GmbH and its three departments, the "International Management & Marketing Academy (I.M.M.A.)", the "International Development Consult (I.D.C.)" and the "eService" execute projects worldwide.

Key aspects of APPLICATIO's activities are in the fields of

  • human capacity development, capacity building, training, further education
  • leadership development
  • regional economic development
  • vocational training
  • sectoral and regional analysis as well as sector and regional planning
  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, business planning for SME and larger companies
  • formulising of development strategies
  • organisation development
  • market studies, market research and market analysis
  • SME consulting
  • export promotion
  • promotion of co-operations
  • planning and development of study tours
  • planning and implementing of eLearning solutions
  • international project management
  • networking and network management
  • quality management
  • planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems / evaluation of development projects

The projects are taking place in different sectors and industries, mainly in:

  • timber industry
  • forestry / REDD+
  • agriculture and agriculture-based industries
  • tourism sector
  • leather, wool, felt and cashmere industry
  • construction and construction material
  • water and water supply, sanitation
  • civil society
  • good governance