Here you can find an overview of projects implemented successfully by APPLICATIO (only projects since 2005 included)

Year Project Title Country Contracting Party Description Partner
2018 Evaluation Chamber and Association-Partnership Project Palestine Palestine SEQUA Evaluation Chamber and Association-Partnership Project Palestine --
2017 Planning Workshop TVET Zambia Zambia SEQUA Planning and implementaiton of a planing workshops for a VET Partnership Project --
2017 Planning Workshop TVET Namibia Namibia SEQUA Planning and implementaiton of a planing workshops for a VET Partnership Project --
2017 Online Tutoring "Community Management Germany GIZ Planning and implementation of an online training programme on "Community Management" for GIZ experts --
2017 Support to FOSS LogFramer Germany -- Support to the Free-and Open Source Software LogFramer 3.0 FaciliDev
2017 Impact-oriented Monitoring System Make-IT in Africa Africa GIZ Development of an impact-oriented monitoring system for the GIZ-project Make-IT --
2016 Project Evaluations GIZ worldwide GIZ Evalaution of two worldwide, cross-sector proejcts of GIZ --
2016 GIZ Business-Plan Training-Hub Bangkok Thailand GIZ Development of a Business-Plan for the AIZ of GIZ Training-Hub in Bangkok --
2016 GIZ Staff-Training Afghanistan Afghanistan GIZ Training of National Staff of GIZ in Afghanistan --
2016 ValueLinks Training Mongolia SEQUA Planning and Implementation of a ValueLinks Workshop for MNCCI --
2016 Training GIZ Community Manager Germany GIZ Workshop for GIZ Community Manager on Virtual Collaboration --
2016 Models for Sustainabilty for Partnerships 2030 Germany GIZ Development of sustainability models --
2016 CDIA Centers of Learning Philippines GIZ Developmen tof a Centers of Learning peer-learning approach --
2016 Online Training for Community Managers Germany GIZ Development of an online training for community managers --
2016-2018 Training-of-Consultants worldwide EBRD Planning and implementation of training-of-consultants measures --
2015 Feasibility Study Campus Extension UNAM Namibia KfW Development of a Feasibility Study for the Katima Mulilo Campus of UNAM NNF
2015 Energy Production Western Mongolia Mongolia West Mongolia Energy Support to West Mongolia Energy in establishing a power plant in Western Mongolia --
2015 Project Planning Southern Caucasus Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia) SEQUA Project Planning for a partnership programme in Southern Cucasus --
2015 Alumni-Landscape Namibia GIZ Analysis of Alumni Landscape in Namibia for the Alumni-Portal Germany --
2015 Project Evaluation India India SEQUA Project Evalution of a Partnership Programme in Northern India --
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