Here you can find an overview of projects implemented successfully by APPLICATIO (only projects since 2005 included)

Year Project Title Country Contracting Party Description Partner
2012 Institution Building and HRD for E-Learning in the South Caucasus Georgia: GE GIZ Support for the implementation of regional training-of-trainers workshops --
2012 ILT RED TRADE 2012-2013 Germany: DE GIZ Planning and implementation of the seminarphase for 11 participants from SADC countries in the APPLICATIO seminar centre --
2012 ict@innovation Germany: DE GIZ development of an online course for IT SME --
2012 GIZ office in Mongolia Mongolia: MN GIZ Planning and implementation of training measures "Soft Skills" and "Moderation" for Mongolian staff members of the GIZ office --
2012 Change Leadership Programme Ethiopia: ET GIZ Development and implementation of a change leadership programme in the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) --
2012 Chamber Partnership Project between the Chamber Gera and the Chamber in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan: UZ sequa Implementation of a project progress evaluation and reporting --
2012 Alumni Network "Sustainable Economy in Southeast Europe" Germany: DE GIZ Consulting and support for the development of an alumni network --
2013 Tutoring of an Online Course Germany: DE Sibylle Tuschter Technical tutoring of a GIZ online course "International Business Strategies" --
2013 Train for Trade Germany: DE GIZ Online coaching for long-term training participants after their return to home countries to implement their transfer projects --
2013 Tourism Expo 2013, eLearning Africa 2013 Conference & Expo Namibia: NA GIZ Planning of the events, stand support, moderation, launch of the Online Tourism Training Platform Namibia and PR measures --
2013 Support of the Transition Process in Yemen Yemen: YE GIZ Planning and implementation of a stakeholder analysis as basis for the development of a „Leadership Journey“ to support the transition process in Yemen --
2013 Skills Enhancement Programme Austria: AT International Atomic Energy Agency Planning and implementation of two workshops "Effective Supervision" --
2013 Regional Business Development in Central Asia Uzbekistan: UZ GIZ Implementation of three workshops "Tourism Concepts", "Export Promotion", "SME strategies" in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan --
2013 REDD+ Planning in SADC Botswana: BW GIZ Project Planning and intervention architecture development of REDD+ in SADC incl. needs assessment, development of a pre-selection study for a Centre of Excellence for REDD+ in SADC, planning mission and planning workshop --
2013 Project Evaluation - Water Sector Kenya: KE sequa Project Evaluation of a TVET Partnership Project in the water sector --
2013 Project Evaluation - Quality Infrastructure Philippines: PH PTB Project evaluation of a project aiming at supporting the development of a quality infrastructure --
2013 M&E Leadership Workshop Germany: DE GIZ Assistance to the GIZ Leadership Workshop in developing an impact oriented monitoring system for a Climate Leadership Project --
2013 Leadership Training Statistics Namibia: NA GIZ Planning and implementation of a blended-learning programme on Leadership and Management for the “Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA)” --
2013 Leadership in the Water Sector in Egypt Egypt: EG GIZ Planning of a Leadership Journey in the water sector in Egypt --
2013 HCD Intervention Planning Water SADC Botswana: BW GIZ Human Capacity Development (HCD) Needs Assessment for the Water Sector in SADC incl. planning of a HCD intervention architecture for the Water Sector in SADC and the SADC Secretariat --

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